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I’ve been trying hard to avoid most political commentary. It’s because the level of hostility being spewed is nauseatingly high. I can’t even bear to hear points that I agree with if they are delivered with a hateful tone.

What’s sad too is that most of this hateful speak is utterly hypocritical. Where a response to something deemed hateful is more hostile and bitter than the original offending words. It’s like a hate snowball effect.

Finger pointing, exaggerating, purposely taking words out of context, feigning outrage, vilifying. Is this what’s become of political commentary?

Take a deep breath people, please. Use reason with your voice.

Wikileaks – What are we afraid of?

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

Ok, that may be a misused quote from the Bible, but one that’s fitting in regards to the Wikileaks controversy.

  • What are we afraid of?
  • What lies are good lies?
  • Who decides what lies and secrets are good for us, and which ones aren’t?
  • Do you sleep better at night knowing you’ve been lied to?

I haven’t pored over every single document, rather I’ve been reading the headlines of what’s been leaked. Well, no real surprises. A lot of it is what was already suspected and now seemingly confirmed.

Gee wiz. China is an enemy of ours. Where o where will we get cheap virtually-enslaved labor produced goods from?

Gee wiz. Tons of money from Saudi Arabia funds terrorists. Where o where will we get our oil from?

Etc. etc. ec.

Most of the lies exposed were truths we tiptoe around in the name of diplomacy. Personally, I’d rather know the truth. Personally, I think it’s better that the affected parties know what we know. Personally, I’d rather the affected parties know that we ALL know now.

Regarding my question earlier about which lies/secrets are good for us or bad for us… I know there are many things that shouldn’t be made available to the public like secret weapons, military positions and plans, etc. From what I see, none of these leaks contain anything sensitive like that.

Supposedly some major US banks are the next “victims” of a future round of leaks. Ones that expose lies and corruption. Should we not know? I say yeah for sure. This too big to fail idea needs to end. If there were wrongdoings, the details should be made public and the perpetrators should be brought to justice. And we should learn so it never happens again–not brush it under the rug.

I don’t know where to draw the line on the leaks. Some indeed may be damaging. But from what it looks like, it’s a more embarrassing than damaging.

There is no objective journalism

There probably never was.

So today Keith Olbermann was suspended by MSNBC for making a political donation. Who cares? Was there any doubt that he is a liberal?

Fox news is biased to the right. Who really cares? Everyone knows this. Even the most hardened of right-wingers knows it is although they pretend to insist that it’s really “fair and balanced.” The same way many on the left will pretend to deny most of the other news networks (and/or their on-air talent) is biased to the left.

We are human beings. Newscasters and news commentators too.

I would rather every newscaster and commentator to bear a little (D) or (R) next to their name so that their lack of truly honest objectivity is justified. I’m not kidding either. I think Matt Lauer (D) looks nice.

I want honesty, not false objectivity.

damn you, stereotypical partisan

stereotypical partisan, you are an idiot who can’t think for yourself. You are brainwashed. You are a racist, bigot, hypocrite. You are violent. You are too soft.

stereotypical partisan, you don’t know the issues, you are stupid. Me, however, I’m a free thinker and am on top of every single issue and candidate. And I vote with my conscious, not along party lines. I don’t vote for who celebrities (including Barbara Streisand) tell me to vote for.

stereotypical partisan, you make me sick. You ruin America. You and everyone who thinks like you. I wish you were more like me.

stereotypical partisan, I don’t even know you personally.

I believe a lot of political discourse is due to not by debating each other, but rather debating the stereotypical worst common denominator on each side.

We should stop. I catch myself doing it sometimes too, so I’m not immune or perfect. I do realize it doesn’t do a bit of good. The contrary, I believe.

Lets Vilify the Nameless and Faceless

I admit, I fell for a little hating on AIG employees getting bonuses. But something about the anger didn’t smell right. Usually when there is an “outcry” over anything, I usually take a step back. Especially when the outcry is politically charged. I despise politicians when they step their high horse onto their higher soapbox.

Here is a letter from one of the “evil” AIG employees in the NY Times:

See. Not responsible for the collapse. See how it went down? I wonder how many of the screamers and yellers will read that and be embarrassed over the lambasting of all AIG employees. Kinda puts things in context when there is a name and face, no?

Agreed, but government needs to look in the mirror too

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A senior Democratic senator said Tuesday he will introduce a bill to end “the extravagant spending practices of U.S. banks” after reports that Northern Trust Corp, which got taxpayer bailout money, last week threw lavish parties around a California golf tournament.

Companies can do what they want, as long as they are not subsidized by taxpayer’s money.

I’d like to see how much government waste there is when put under a microscope. Actually it would probably make me sick if I did. Can we end extravagant spending practices of U.S. government too?

Political/Intellectual Arrogance – Defense of the Average American

I’m tired of political commentators who depict the voting public (except their own circle) of being stupid. Both sides do it and it makes me sick. Listen, Barbara Streisand isn’t brainwashing young dumb impressionable voters to vote liberal. Also, conservatives aren’t dumb war mongering racists who don’t want a Muslim (yeah I know, I know) in office.

I’m more tired of people buying into this sentiment.

There are plenty of news videos and YouTube videos of stupid Americans who don’t know how many states there are or how many senators there are, etc. Do you think they keep or cut footage of everyone who answers right? Don’t you think they are sensationalist for ratings? How fun would it be to watch a video of people answering correctly? So they cut the boring footage, produce the video, and then publish it for the enjoyment of “highly intelligent” finger pointers. Plus, and a BIG plus, I bet a lot of the people who don’t know how many states there are aren’t even registered to vote–or know when Election Day is. These hand-picked sound bites don’t represent every American! C’mon!

There are outliers on both sides. If you draw conclusions based on them, well then you are generalizing. Shame on you!

Seriously look around you. I know my friends and family aren’t stupid. People in my social/work/neighborhood network aren’t stupid. Sure I disagree with others’ views. But I don’t think any of them are stupid. A few may make me go hmmmm, but I don’t think they are dumb.

If you think anyone who doesn’t share your political views is stupid or misinformed, then well you are viewing the world through a narrow, arrogant, pretentious, and ignorant lens. And no matter what side you favor, it makes you a hypocrite.

Deducing that people think the way they do because they are unintelligent is a lazy cop-out and defeatist as well. It’s easier to label someone stupid or uninformed than trying to figure out what really makes them tick and what makes them think the way they do—their background and values. It’s easy to throw your arms up and blame everything on these stupid people.

If Americans were stupid, then how would companies run? How would anything get done? America isn’t perfect, but it isn’t stupid.


I’m not naive. I know there would be a similiar reaction to an Obama parade through a conservative area (although they are likely not as populated as NYC). But what I don’t understand is the hatred displayed by people who say they embrace “tolerance.” I guess tolerance only applies to what you agree with.