2020 Election Tracking

Will the 1 mixed allocation electoral vote in Maine play a roll in the results?

If I’m looking at the right numbers of the non-called states, AK is a lock for Trump. PA and GA, look to be leaning Trump. NC is slightly leaning Trump by 1.42% (76,712 votes difference of 5.3 million cast for either side). Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin all leaning Biden by .63% or less. Nevada for example 7,647 votes difference with close to 1.2 million cast for either side. Trump will need one of the 3 (WI, NV, MI) to swing in his favor. One random mixed allocation vote (out of 4 total) is leaning towards Trump.

If everything holds up as the numbers are being reported, Biden will get 270 even.

So far 238 Biden, 213 Trump.

These remaining:

Leaning Biden (he keeps these, he wins):
Wisconsin (10) – Biden ahead by .63%
Nevada (6) – Biden ahead by .65%
Michigan (16) – Biden ahead by .87%

Leaning Trump (needs to secure NC, GA, PA and take one from Biden):
North Carolina (15) – Trump ahead by 1.42%
Georgia (16) – Trump ahead by 21.84%
Pennsylvania (20) – Trump ahead by 8.35%
Alaska (3) – Trump ahead by 31%
ME-Split (1) – not sure where these numbers are. But shaded Trump in most of results.

Another nerdy observation. As it is now at 1:20pm on 11/4, Biden has already gotten the most Democrat votes in history with 69,724,561. Also, Trump has gotten the most Republican votes in history with 66,779,306. Voters turned out!

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