Wow Wee. Another C25K Realization

The first realization over a week back was that I had cut the first week and day one of week two 5 minutes short each. Doh! But I had felt good enough and it didn’t prove to be a setback as I tackled the next two longer workouts somewhat easily.

This time, the realization is a good one.

A few posts back I mentioned that I estimated that I ran 1/5 of a mile during my 90 second jogging splits (on the not terribly hot and humid days). Then I mentioned that this is good since it’s averaged out to 112 seconds on the 1/4 mile (which is coming up in week 4). I made a mistake! I didn’t realize that week 4 calls for “1/4 a mile or 3 MINUTES”, not 2 minutes like I originally thought. So instead of estimating that I am running 6% faster than the expected pace, I’m running 38% faster. This makes me feel a whole of a lot better since I’ve been severely limiting my pace due to the heat and humidity. I’m probably on the expected pace when I’m purposely running slower.

Now I can’t wait for a cooler less humid day to push myself to my limit more.



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