Week 2 of C25K Underway

I had my first week 2 circuit last night. I felt great.

I forced myself to take two days off–due to some soreness from softball (yes softball, pathetic I know). I’m so glad I did. I ran strong last night. My motto this time around is to workout smarter, not necessarily harder. I’d rather rest up and get more productive workouts than suffer through a less than productive workout–even if it means less overall time on the track per week.

A little realization set in though. I had been cutting the workouts 5 minutes short. The directions for the program say to walk 5 minutes, then alternate jog and walk for a total of 20 minutes. The 20 minutes applies to the jog and walk intervals only, not the 5 minute warm up. Oh well. I felt strong last night an know I could have done 2 more intervals easily. Plus I’ve been biking to and from the track, so I’ll just chalk that up to the missing 5 minutes. I actually can’t wait for tomorrow to come just to blow out a bonafide complete workout.

Last night I paid careful attention to my form and breathing. It makes a world of difference. I can’t express how much the C25K app by Guy Hoffman has helped. It lets me listen to my own music and rings when it’s time to change up. I know I’d have trouble concentrating on form and breathing if I had to keep my eye on a watch the entire time. I just plug in and go, and let the app be my trainer.



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