W8D2 of C25K

After a week rest due to a cold, I got back on the street tonight. My cold isn’t 100% gone, but I figured I’ve got it beat enough.

I tweaked the CardioTrainer app some more for my needs. It’s sweet. It tracks my run down to the second and tenth of a mile. Last time I had it set for audible updates every tenth of a mile, but that didn’t work. This time I had it give me a time, pace and total distance every minute. It worked. And I liked it.

Also, the new music I downloaded is enjoyable. It’s basically techno. A nice beat per minute tempo. I found that songs I know are more of a distraction than they are a motivator. So this new music worked out well.

I ended up going 2.78 miles in 29:41 (10:39 minute per mile). I sent the developer of the app a suggestion to build in a feature that would allow a countdown to start time (I would have liked to have a more accurate reading). They said they would (although they can’t promise it anytime soon). The time I just posted includes about 30 seconds of walking while getting my phone in sleep mode and in my waist strap. I figure I’m close enough to the desired pace, so I won’t fret so much about getting it 100% accurate. Hopefully with more consistent running, my pace will take care of itself.

The audible alarms really let me know when my pace started to fall off. Again I started to slow down at the 1.5 mile mark.

I’m happy with my progress so far. I just hope no more colds (or extremely cold weather) come before I hit my goal of 3 miles in 30 minutes.

I’m also happy to report that I’ve lost about 19 pounds since starting this program late July. I’ve really stuck to my laid back plan. I’m glad because I truly don’t feel like I’m sacrificing anything to accomplish this. Only better choices to eat. And exercise.

I’m going to post more about my new complete exercise, but now that I’ve got cardio down and have my Bodylastics bands ready, I’m also going to start the 200 situp, 200 squat, and 100 pushup programs. I’ve taken the initial tests for all three. I’m in great shape with the squats. I’m in ok shape with the pushups. I’m in terrible shape with the situps. These programs are progressive, like the C25K program. I love the structure. So I’m psyched to tackle these programs too.



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