W7D3 of C25K, X2

I thought I’d squeeze another acronym in the title. It make sense though.

I was motivated Saturday before I left the house, but for some reason, I just lost the desire to run at the 3/4 mile mark. I tried to push, but quit at 1.5 miles. The first time I bailed a workout so far.

I’m not completely sure why I just lost it. It could be part that there were trucks on the track preparing for the high school’s homecoming. So my mindless daydreaming was broken a bit.

I chalked it up to a mini-workout. I didn’t turn it into a disappointment.

I went back out early Sunday morning and completed the 2.5 miles in just over 26 minutes. About a 30 second improvement from the last run. Good to know I’m making progress. This time I was on pace up until the 1.75 mile mark–then I slowed down.

Next run is tomorrow. 2.75 miles in 28 minutes. Hopefully the improvement continues. The 3 extra minutes for the extra quarter mile actually makes this week easier pace wise. I hope I hit the target.

I did try Sunday to get up at 5:30 for my run. I wanted to wait until it got light out, which it doesn’t until 6:55. Not good. Looks like morning runs are out of the picture (not that it had to take a lot of convincing me out of) Plus the high school track is technically closed until 8am. hmmmm. What to do? I might actually try the streets again once I’m down to a comfortable 30 minute run.



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