W7D2 of C25K

I ran pretty good tonight. Finished 2.5 miles in 26.5 minutes. One minute faster than my last run. The goal is to finish the 2.5 miles in 25 minutes.

I had another delay in the program as I needed my mouth to heal up from some minor dental surgery on Saturday. It wasn’t painful, but my upper lip was kind of tight and I just knew the bouncing when trying to run would bother it. So I sat out until I knew I was sure I can go.

So tonight was very cool, which is a double edge sword for me. I sweat a lot and get real hot, but only after about a good 10-15 minutes. I put on a light jacket to keep warm, but sure enough, at the 1.5 mile mark (about 12.5 minutes) I started to get real hot. Do I strip off the jacket? What should I wear better? I really have to start seriously thinking about some real jogging gear if I plan to run in the winter. I really don’t want to shell out extra bucks, but in this case, the right equipment might be essential.

So picking up from my last post, 26.5 minutes means:

  • That’s a 10:36 minute per mile pace instead of 10.
  • That’s 9 seconds per lap off pace.
  • At this pace, I would finish a 5k in just under 33 minutes.

All that said, this time I slowed down at the 1.5 mile mark, right when I started to get real hot. Up until then, I was pretty much on pace–a few seconds off.

My next run is Saturday. I’ll experiment more in the daytime with ditching my jacket if I need to. I want to get my workout in at 25 minutes badly.

Next week might bring about a whole new venture. Morning runs. The nighttime runs are getting in the way of family time. The only truly free time I can carve out for this is if I wake up early and hit it then. This is going to require some serious will power. But something I’d like to conquer.



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