W6D3 Finally

Got day 3 of week 6 done tonight. Finally. I’m glad I sat it out last night. I’ve been battling colds or allergies, can’t figure out which. I finally felt full of energy tonight. I felt good on the way to the track. I wanted to be at the track. I knew I would have a good run. Now I want to get back on track and keep up with this program on an every other day basis.

This one was simple. Run 2 ¼ miles or 25 minutes. I finished the 2 ¼ in a little over 23 minutes. I was psyched. I actually started out a little too fast. I have to discipline myself to start off slower and gradually speed up, not the other way around. It takes me a while to get real warmed up, so this might help me with my stamina.

Since the run was simple, I ditched the G1 app in favor of a stopwatch. I had thought the entire time the workout was “or 24 minuets” not 25. So I ran a full 24 minutes, making it about 100 plus yards extra. Had I realized it was 25, I would have tried to push hard to get as far as I could. Oh well.

Week 7 is 3 of the same workouts. 2 ½ miles or 25 minutes. I have to put the slow start, gradual speed up strategy to work to get this done. Since this is simpler, I can do without the app again. It’s kind of nice not having to pay attention to bells to walk or jog. And at this point, pacing becomes more important, so having a stopwatch on my wrist helps let me know what’s up.

I have hydration down. I have digestion timing down. I have a good handle on my pacing. I just have to force myself to take my time in the beginning.



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