W6D2 of C25K

Week 6 day 2 of the couch to 5k program was harder than it should have been. I ran on Saturday.

Clear, cool, dry day – check
Hydrated – check
Adequate wait for digestion – check
Another cold? – {{{gong}}}

I was absolutely robbed of energy. I think I had a long lasting and very low level cold, which I think I might be finally getting over. Or it might be allergies, which I haven’t had before. I had a very minor sore throat and my nose was running a little. The runny nose made the run all the more challenging, even if it wasn’t running a lot. This could be the reason for the fatigue during my last run too.

The program called for a 5 minute warm-up walk, followed by a 10 minute run (or 1 mile), followed by a 3 minute walk (or 1/4 mile), followed by another 10 minute run (or 1 mile).

All and all it was not a disaster. I finished the first run exactly on pace. I came about 100 yards short on the second run. I ended that on time as I felt spent. I was also battling some upper back spasms. This is going to require a whole separate post as I have had back spasmns for years, but luckily I’ve learned how to manage it and reduce their severity.

I wanted to get back on an every other day schedule, but yesterday’s run was a gametime decision. I decided to sit it out and let this cold/allergy thing get finished. I can’t wait for a long setback-free streak. I think I’ll be good in time for tonight’s 2 1/4 mile run (25 minutes).



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