W6D1 – C25K, First True Challenge

Tonight was day 1 of the 6th week of the couch to 5k training plan. And it was my biggest test. The workout? No. Rather I felt worn out after work and I did not really want to go. I figured I’ll suck it up and go and tough it out. And deal with a sub-optimal run if that’s what it came down to. I completely anticipated an agonizing run.

The cobwebs must have cleared at just the right time, because I got a good workout in. This day called for a 1/2 mile run (5 minutes), 3/4 mile run (8 minutes), and another 1/2 mile run (5 minutes). I finished the first 2 runs with plenty of time to spare. I decided to cut the runs at the distance, not the time. So I got extra walking in between runs. I finished the last run exactly on pace. All and all I am satisfied, especially since I overcame some mental fatigue to get to the track.

I’m still not where I want to be, but I guess that’s the nature of the program. I should feel good that I’m right on target with the expectations of the program.

I think what’s zapping my energy is the calorie restriction. I’m going to change things up and eat fuller meals early on in the day on run days and do the more limiting of calories on the off days. I think trying to improve athletic performance/endurance while cutting calories can be counter-productive. This is an evolving process…



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