W5D3 – C25K

The dreaded 20 minute run is in the books. That’s all week 5 day 3 is. The usual 5 minute warmup follow up with a 20 minute run. I did not run well. I made it a little over 7 laps (1.82 miles) in the 4th lane. The program calls for 20 minutes or 2 miles, so I’m a little off pace.

I’ve been using this site to estimate distance since I’ve been running on the outer lanes:

I’m not sure what it was today. I just felt a little robbed of energy. I need to really focus on my eating and eat more energy supporting meals on run days.

It was very humid, which took me a little by surprise. The track was a little wet from the rain yesterday, and I guess the added evaporation from it added to the humidity and made it like a sauna.

I did have to bike extra to get to the track. The HS closest had an event going on, so I had to bike a few miles to another track. I took an easy ride, so I don’t think I wasted energy there. But it was good to get a little bonus exercise in.

I had been going on time (using the app). I might actually switch it up and do the program based on the prescribed distance instead–since there are less splits. I’ll have to think about this. W6D1 starts on Tuesday. That reminds me. I should get a new battery for my stop watch.



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