Week 4. Finally. No more heat and humidity. Prior to this run, it was like running in a sauna. Tonight was cool and dry. And my run showed it. I felt great.

The splits are little weird though. The first jogging split is 3 minutes or 1/4 of a mile. Since I am using the app (which runs on time not distance), I did the 3 minutes and went well over 1/4 of a mile both times. The second split is 5 minutes or 1/2 mile. I came just shy of 1/2 mile each time. I probably could have picked up the pace, but wasn’t really sure how the entire workout would go. I will push myself to get to the 1/2 mile in 5 minutes next time.

I was also sure to stay hydrated during the day. But the weather made all the difference tonight.



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