Updated Google Maps for G1

Pretty excited to see a new version of Google Maps available in the Android Market. It now has voice search as well as transit and walking direction options.

I should note that after the cupcake update, I noted that GPS was still slow to locate my position. Well after a reboot, it’s now much faster than it was before. And pretty consistent too. Finally.

The new maps is supposed to help an issue with Latitude updating. I STILL need to hit refresh for it to accurately update my location. I’m not sure what this was supposed to fix, but Latitude is still not working right for me. Good thing I have no real use for it as no one I know uses it. But it would be nice to brag about the feature if it worked right.

I’ll have to test out the search by voice option. I’m not too confident in the results as the search by voice feature fails to understand a word I say. Must be the NYC accent…

I’ll also have to give the transit and walking directions a real try. My first attempt at getting me to my house to NYC was a fail. It had me taking a real wacky route. I suppose if I was somewhere unfamiliar, any route wouldn’t seem wacky if it get me to where I needed to go. I was happy to see that driving directions from my office to home were spot on. Driving directions is really what I need most.



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