Updated G1 App Rundown

This post will be a long one. Some time has passed since my last review. Here is what I have installed and how I rate them. These are apps in the Android Market, not the ones that come preprogrammed on the G1. Assume what’s not installed either 1) a duplicate of one I have installed, 2) terrible and has been uninstalled, or 3) doesn’t interest me.

AK Notepad
Simple note taker. Something like this should be included. Don’t like that it doesn’t have a “traditional” save or save as.

Simple FTP client. I really haven’t used it much. Or have a great need for it. If there was a html/text editor on the market, I guess I can use it to edit my websites. I kicked the tires on it, and it seems to work fine.

Any Cut
Used to create shortcuts. Pretty cool app and easy to use. For example I created a desktop icon/shortcut to call my house. And another one to open the browser straight to google reader. I like simple conveniences. This helps make conveniences conveniently.

Love this app. It tracks all installed apps on the phone, and searches the market to see if there are updated versions. If there is an update, it links right to the new version to install. Before this, it was a pain in the neck to search each app one by one.

Tip calculator. Does what it’s supposed to do.

A little clunky UI, bit it helps manage bookmarks. Another feature that should be built in, but oh well. It helps overcome the phone’s shortcoming.

Played a few times. What can I say, it’s chess.

Countdown Alarm
Pretty self explanatory. No more burnt Ellios pizzas for me!

Free Dictionary Org
Another no brainier. I used it once. And only once. Worked though. So I like it.

Simple txt editor. One one problem though. It won’t save. Perhaps it’s a bug. I’ll hold on to it for a while to see if the bug is ever fixed. Or until someone comes out with one that works. I like saving txt files over what AK Notepad has to offer. Only if it works…

Turns your phone into a remote for the media on your computer. Lousy UI. I’m holding on to this until they either polish it up or something better comes out. It’s also a PITA that the phone has to be connected to the same wireless network as the computer. ‘Cause most of the time I don’t know what each is connected to.

GPS Tracker
This is pretty sick. Sick as in good sick. When GPS is activated on the phone, you can track my every move!

Here I Am
This is pretty cool too. Same idea as GPS tracker, only you can e-mail or text the coordinates to anyone. That opens up a Google map with your location. I guess it can come in handy if you are lost in God knows where and you need to explain where you are to someone.

Copied and pasted from my last app update: Streaming music based on favorites. I like it so far, I just need to play with it more and add more favorites.
I guess the downfall is the UI, or else I’d use it much more. Also, you can only skip 6 songs in a given time, so that’s a drawback.

Another streaming music app based on favorites. Picks up where imeem leaves off in terms of UI and unlimited skipping of songs. Only thing, it has some critical bugs to work out. It doesn’t play in the background (unless the app is open). That’s pretty stupid. It also hasn’t been saving any of the songs I “loved,” costing me 2 hours of my life on the weekend. It they work these things out, I’ll be ditching imeem for this.

OI File Manager
Simple file manager. Chalk it up to another feature that should have come with the phone. At lease all of these apps are free for now.

Pretty cool add on that lets you sent to Picasa straight from the picture viewer.

Lets you add captions and other cool things to pictures. I’ll probably never use it. I guess I want to be cool, so I’ll leave it on.

I actually just uninstalled this one since it appears Picasa mobile web version now lets you view all pics. There used to be a 50 or so pic limit per album. It was good while it lasted. It lets you interact with your Picasa albums.

I guess the novelty wore off since my last post. A basic on screen keyboard which allows you to save milliseconds of life and time by enabling you to do Google searches without having to open the keypad.

Basically wikipedia reformatted for the screensize. I realize how much I don’t use wikipedia since I used this once just to check it out. Good if you use wikipedia though.

Quote Pro
Stock quotes. Nice interface. I can see how much my 401k isn’t worth anymore.

Haven’t used and probably never will. I’m happy with the funky default ringtone. Another app to make me look cool I guss.

Save MMS
Lets you save text message attachments. Another app that should come standard. Pretty useful given the phone’s lack of ability.

“Live” sports scoreboard, which allows you to track your favorite teams (nfl, mlb, nhl, nba, et al). It’s also supposed to send you an alert whenever there is a score change during one of your favorite teams’ games. For some reason, for me it’s always late and I don’t get the alerts. I’ll hold for bug updates as this has potential.

Scrambled Net
Cool game.

Identifies music playing (on the radio for instance), then lets you tag it, buy it, and/or look up artist. I’ve actually used it, so it’s not just to make me look cool!

Lets you scan a barcode of a product, then gives you comparitive pricing in the area. Good for an unsavvy shopper like myself. I haven’t needed it yet though.

Just your basic solitaire games.

Yes, I’ve used this several times to see how fast I can tap start then stop. I don’t know how much faster you can get than 00:00.1!

System Monitor
I hate that memory numbers this shows doesn’t match up with what the default phone dialog shows. It might be on my soon to kill list.

Text Easy
Never used, but can come in handy for texting multiple contacts. I don’t text much, if you can’t tell.

The Weather Channel
Easier than looking out the window or opening the door to see what it’s doing outside.

Toggle Settings
Eliminates the PITA of having to navigate through settings to do basic things like turn on/off wifi, gps, ringer modes, ets. You can manage all of that stuff on one simple screen.

Video Player
Haven’t used, but it might be ok I guess.

Voice Recorder
I should probably use this more to capture thoughts. Simple to use, save, and send.

I know where everything is already. Probably good if I ever traveled more.
I need a break now.



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