Training Update – 2011

Just posting an update. My last training update was quite a while ago. I didn’t manage to maintain my momentum during the winter. Or start interval training. I just couldn’t do it. But at least this year I got back on the road much earlier. In 2009 I started in August. In 2010 I started again in June. This year I started again in March. In both years, my last runs were on Thanksgiving Day. So this year I was back after a 3 month layoff (opposed to 6 last year).

I really didn’t loose too much cardio during the 3 month layoff. But I think I tried to progress faster than my legs (lower legs) could handle. I started out with shin splints again. Then a bout with some tendinitis in my ankle. The shin splints were handled with my calf sleeves, which I was able to do without within a few weeks. The tendinitis I didn’t play with. I rested up real good. I took to joining a gym (Planet Fitness for $10 a month) for cardio until I was comfortable getting back outside. I think I’m ok now. I’m going to keep the membership though for a backup–and maybe even hit the weights some.

I had gained some weight back, but not all of it. I think that’s what killed my legs this time around. I started up with the C25K again, but really didn’t need it cardio wise. I ended up trying to skip weeks, which was ok cardio wise, but apparently not my legs.

I spent a little over a month in the gym on the elliptical and bikes. Then got back on the road (pain free–knocking on wood) last week. I’ve been able to go 3 miles, and my last run was just over 10 minutes a mile. I felt good each time. Hopefully I can creep up on 9 minutes a mile, which I was approaching at the end of last year.

It feels good to be at this point much earlier in the year this year. I had a little bit of weight loss so far. Not as much as I want really, but that’s not surprising given what I’ve been eating. Not bad, just a lot.

This time I’m trying something new. Instead of running every other day. I’m going to do like this:
Day 1: Morning Run
Day 2: Night Run
Day 3: Rest
Day 4+: Repeat

That ups the frequency of runs per week but provides rest too. I’ll see how it goes.

I’m going to write up a separate post about diet soon.



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