Training and Healthy Living Update

It’s been a while since I posted an update. Like previous years, I slacked off again the last winter and put some weight back on. I didn’t slack so much in my diet than I did activity level. But looking back a little further, I did kind of mail it in from the end of 2011 through the beginning of 2013.

I didn’t slack on my tracking however. I’m a quantified self‘ers dream. I have my weigh loss down to a science, where I can dial it up or down. I wish I could do the same with winter motivation.

Now I’m back on track in a really good way. I think I finally put everything together diet wise–as far as restricting what’s bad and eating a lot that’s good, not just restricting calories. This includes a good balance of carbs, fat (yes fat!) and protein. More than enough veggies. The newest revelation to me was that in the past my diet was too fat-phobic. Fat (healthy fat) is good for so many reasons.

I’ve been sticking to my original (yet ever evolving) healthy living checklist:

I have a hot and cold relationship with jogging. I’ve done the C25K year after year. I unenthusiasticlly got most of the way through the program before deciding to hit the elliptical at the gym instead. That’s where I’ll be doing cardio until jogging starts appealing to me some more. It’s good I’m getting to the gym, which I’ve been paying for anyway. This year, I want to finally get resistance training and hiit incorporated. Those have eluded my since day 1. I need the gym for the weight training.

You can see where I was 4 years ago. Although I did have ups and downs, the net continued to be lower. I was very close to my goal in 2011. I’m well on my way now. Actual weight withheld until goal met.