The Uber Device. Will it ever exist?

The new iPad came out today. Very impressive device. Would I ever buy it? No.

It appears they are trying to create a device that’s everything wrapped up in one. And by the looks of it, they do a pretty nice job of it. But there are still limitations. Which will require you to still carry around multiple devices.

Will there ever be the perfect all in one device? No. Sure there will be all in one devices. Pretty good ones. But never perfect.

You can carry around a Swiss Army knife, which is great. But you need to break out a chef’s knife to cut up a rump roast. Right?

I think tech needs to go down the road of allowing multiple devices to share the same information/profile/settings/preferences. The closest thing I can think of is my beloved G1 phone. Since it integrates with Google, I basically carry around my e-mail, contacts, YouTube, etc. Which is synced up so I can access on any computer. Almost seamless.

IMO, the perfect tech would go beyond that, where multiple “all in one” devices share the same info and files. This way you can access a book or movie from anywhere on any device, but a better device for the specific purpose is always at the ready.

For example, I might watch a movie in transit somewhere on my little phone’s screen, but a better experience would be at home on my big screen (which should have access to that same movie).

Substitute movie for book, music, or any consumable media or even substitute media consumption with task, like recording videos, taking pictures, making phone calls, the list can be endless. Perhaps I don’t care for a certain feature/task, so I would not buy the device that’s geared more for that specific purpose.

I think the directions needs to concentrate on a software/operating system hub, with information stored in the cloud, which can be accessed and synced on multiple types of devices. Take a picture on your “camera,” then it’s available on your computer (but you can take a picture with your phone too!). Download music to your “mp3 player,” then it’s available on your phone too. Download a book to your e-reader, then it’s available on your phone too, or TV, or computer, or…

Is Android going that route?



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