Target: A Store I Like

I was just reading through my previous posts. I notice I do a lot of nitpicking. So I’m going to devote some time posting about things I like as well.

That brings me to Target. I’m not price conscious as much as I am convenience conscious. I’d rather spend more if my whole shopping experience is positive. I’m not saying Target is more expensive than other stores. I’m just saying price (as long as it’s not outrageous) is not a major consideration. I wouldn’t want to wait on longer lines if it meant saving a few dollars.

I’ve been to a handful of Target stores. The most frequent is the one right by my house in Levittown, NY. It seems they all are the same wherever they are.

So, here is why I like Target:

  • They have a wide variety of products.
  • Their aisles are always clean and clear.
  • There is always staff around to ask for help.
  • The staff is helpful when needed. Both in the store and at the pharmacy.
  • And no matter how crowded the store gets, the lines at the registers are never long.

So, bravo Target for winning a loyal shopper (an otherwise grumpy shopper to boot).



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