Shut up experts, Facebook and Twitter are Different

Here’s another angry post from me. The last one was aimed at Mac vs. PC stupidity. This one is aimed at Facebook vs. Twitter stupidity.

Let me first ask something.  Which is the best, the phone or e-mail?

You’re probably saying wait, they are different and do different things. You can’t say one is absolutely better than the other. You can say one does some things better, and so does the other.

Right. Same goes for Twitter and Facebook.

The way I see it, Facebook is for sharing personal details, photos and events with friends to keep them up-to-date on what’s happening in your life (and vice versa). Twitter on the other hand is for sharing messages and topics to a wider group (and to follow topics and trends).

Sure there is some overlap (like phone and e-mail are for communication), but they are vastly different. In my opinion anyway.

The social media experts pondering Twitter vs. Facebook really need to step back and observe how each are used so differently. I guess when you are wrapped up in the mix, it blinds you from the obvious.

I REALLY need to start to pare down what blogs and people I follow. Or be more careful with who I consider an expert.



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