QuickOffice for Android Review

UPDATED 12/30/09: Since this review, the developer hasn’t updated the app once. I had uninstalled it a while back in favor of a more robust Documents to Go. I had hoped QuickOffice would update the app to work with Office 2007 and PowerPoint. Glad I didn’t hold my breath. Sad I wasted $8 bucks.

Since there is a 24 hour return policy, I went ahead and downloaded QuickOffice for $7.99.

It’s worth the money IMO just to be able to save .doc, .xls, and .txt files from GMail to the SD card, which it does. I have a few e-mails in my inbox with attachments, which I kept in hopes of saving to the SD card someday. Now I can.


  • Can save .doc, .xls, and .txt to SD card, which couldn’t be done before.
  • Can view .doc, .xls, and .txt files.
  • Can edit file names.


  • Minor. Can’t choose which folder to save to when downloading attachments.
  • Minor. Can’t download right to card, rather you have to “view” file first, then save.
  • Doesn’t support .docx or .xlsx. “Yet” anyway.
  • Can’t edit the files. Again yet.

It appears from the description on their site that Office 2007 support, PowerPoint, and file editing are coming at some point.

Worth the money? Yeah I guess. I’ll keep it. I’ll only regret it if someone comes out with something better for less.



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