Did you know that there was a group called the Iroquois that used to live here in New York? The five nations of the Iroquois were the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca. Back then they didn’t depend on shopping centers, hardware stores, or clothing stores. The Iroquois would count on nature to supply them with their needs. I think they had a great way of living life without stores. Do you think so too? The Iroquois had great techniques for hunting, getting clothing, and gathering materials. There are many ways they got all their resources.

The Iroquois ate many foods. They got all their food from nature. Some of the food they planted is corn, beans, cabbage, squash, and pumpkin. The Iroquois hunted for bull, birds, and mostly deer. Other foods were milkweed, berries, fish, and nuts. They got these foods by doing many things. The Iroquois hunted, gathered, planted, traded, and fished. Another hunting technique was to set traps. Certain people were assigned to do certain things. The men usually went out hunting. Sometimes young boys got to go hunting for small animals such as birds. Women were usually gardening and planting crops.

The Iroquois wore many types of clothing. The Iroquois wore a lot of things made from deer skin. Sometimes they even wore feather hats or headdresses. If there were celebrations, the Iroquois might wear crazy masks. Some other things were leggings and smock. The Iroquois got their clothes in many ways. The most common way was hunting. They would make the clothes out of animal fur and skins. Another way of getting clothing was trading. The Iroquois five nations (Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca) would trade for resources needed. There were also certain people to do this. The men cut the skins off the animals. The women would help make the skin soft and ready to wear. Kids would help dry the skin after it was washed.

The Iroquois lived in homes that are very different from the houses we live in today. They had longhouses. Longhouses were about 200ft long. Our homes are nowhere near that that long. These houses were also about 25ft wide and 25ft tall. Longhouses were covered in elm bark and had no windows. The Iroquois longhouses were made of many materials. They were also built differently than our houses today. The Iroquois used logs to make wood poles. They stuck these poles in the ground and tied them together to make a frame. They would then cover it with flattened shingles. Elm bark would then go on. As always people were assigned to certain things. Women were the ones to collect the bark. Men chopped the trees down. Sometimes children would gather sticks and smaller things.

As you can see the Iroquois had three basic needs. They also had many ways of getting/achieving these needs. The Iroquois had lots of great techniques for getting food, building shelter, and making clothing. What I think is interesting about the Iroquois is the way their houses are made. The frame is made in a nice and sturdy way. What would your favorite part of life be if we lived like the Iroquois? Mine would be hunting.

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