Google AdWords – Display Ad Builder

I have to share my love of a new feature of AdWords. Their display ad builder allows you to create banner ads with just a few clicks. This is great for testing out new placements without having to have a creative team build out many different sizes (or if you have no creative team or they are slow). Ad Builder lets you choose colors, text, and pull together other image assets you might already have (e.g. a logo). All in all it’s a fast and inexpensive way to dip your toes into display advertising water.

You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em

No not poker, but cars. It’s great having cars with no car payments for years. It kind of feels like playing with house money. But sooner or later you’ll be faced with weighing mounting repair costs vs. the cost of getting a fresh new car. That’s where I am now. With 2 cars mind you. A 2000 Mazda Protege and a 1994 Ford Explorer. The car is holding up well (knock on wood). But the truck’s 4 wheel drive doesn’t work anymore, the AC doesn’t work anymore, has a crack in the windshield that spreads more and more every day, it’s been making more and more noise, and now the speedometer is acting funky. Just the windshield alone isn’t worth fixing, in my opinion. Because the next day might bring a more costlier repair. When do you stop? Well, I fold on the truck. Time to go car shopping!

Thank you craigslist

I’ve dabbled with selling online both on eBay and reselling books on Amazon. Not to profit, but to get a little pocket money for things I don’t have use for anymore. Until last weekend, I never tried to sell anything on craigslist. We sold a dresser in less than a day and an entertainment center in only two days. The dresser had been laying around for months, waiting for that perpetually re-scheduled garage sale. Actually it hadn’t sold at our last garage sale. Storage at our house is at a minimum, so having stuff lay around endlessly is not ideal. So with a few clicks of the camera, one or two sentences, and prices to sell, we were able to find buyers quickly. Each came to pick up their items too. Could not have been easier.

Ugg. New iGoogle

From what I’m reading on blogs and hearing from friends, I’m not the only one not pleased with the new iGoogle. For me it’s not the layout, it’s the functionality. It’s not working all the time as it should. Links become unclickable, check boxes become uncheckable, feeds don’t update properly. So I find myself refreshing the page hundreds of times a day. What’s supposed to help with productivity is actually hindering productivity. Hopefully they get the bugs resolved soon. Or let users revert to the old (working) version.

Gerber – Great E-mail, Just a Month Late

Gerber just sent me a very informative e-mail update on all things for a 4 month old baby. One problem. My son is a few days away from 5 months old. I logged in to check the birth date, and it was right. Someone over there lost track of count. Or maybe they didn’t round up? Or maybe production time is slow? There’s a big difference month to month. Sorry Gerber, you have to get your timing right.

My Google Wishlist

I love Google and use almost all of their apps, but some things just bug me. Especially seemingly simple things and how all of their services are tied together (or not tied together). I’d like not to have to use other apps or services to manage or hack (e.g. gmarks or Remember the Milk). I use the Toolbar, Gmail, Reader, Notes, Docs & Spreadsheets, Blogger, Calendar, Webmaster Tools, Analytics, AdWords, AdSense, Chrome, and try out most if not all of everything else they offer.

– Add “Blog This” to Google Reader for a one click posting to my blog.
– Have shared items show up in “your shared stuff” page.

– Let me edit urls.
– Allow for a public html page (sort of like delicious) so I don’t have to log into Google to access my bookmarks. Preferably set some to private and others public.
– Allow subfolders or sub tags for better organization.

– Allow for more than one account to access and update so my wife and I can maintain one photo gallery. This applies to both the desktop software and the online pages.

– I know this kind of goes against one the things Gmail is all about, but have a “traditional” view so e-mails aren’t grouped by conversation. It’s a pain in the neck and hard to follow when a conversation is forwarded and there are several threads with the same subject.

– Give me a simple to do list feature. Nothing fancy.

Shared Stuff
– Let me share calendar items, bookmarks, Picasa items, blog entries, reader items.

– Use the same profile info as my main Google account profile. Instead of updating separate profiles.
– I HATE the blogs I follow feature. C’mon. Let me manage this through Google Reader instead of having to import and maintain 2 lists.

– For the love of God, integrate the Google Toolbar!

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