Oh how I hate Samsung, let me count the ways

We’re talking total first world problems here…

I’ve written about some of my gripes with Samsung and my Galaxy S 4G phone. Being annoyed by uninstallable bloatware. Being bothered by “enhancements” on top of Android that are incompatible with some apps.

Here is a review and some new ones.

1) The Music Player – Both made for Android headphones and apps like cardio trainer and c25k don’t work with Samsung’s own hacked up version of the Android music player. Why mess with it? Especially since there are no enhancements to offset the disadvantages.
2) Browser – First off, it’s terrible. Double tap to zoom in never ever snaps to text correctly. I never had that problem on the G1 and now never have that problem with the Dolphin browser that I had to download to replace Samsung’s terrible version. Second, the way the bookmarks are set up make it incompatible with apps that need to access them (e.g. for syncing). There are other reasons too…
3) Folder Management – Apps like Dropbox have some trouble that appears something to do with the way folders are managed. Some genius at Samsung decided to mess with Android again and wasn’t forward thinking enough to realize that it might negatively effect apps down the road.

I’m tired of finding limitations to the phone. Then finding out on online forums that the limitations are due to incompatible configurations that Samsung built in to the phone. I’m tired of finding cool apps, only to see in the description a special note that the app doesn’t work well with Samsung devices. If differentiating yourself from other Android phones means being incompatible with apps and hardware, then job well done!

As good as the phone is with some things, I’m annoyed enough to stay away from all things Samsung in the future. When “enhancements” lead to limitations, I say no thank you.



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