NFL Won’t Allow Twittering, ZOMG!!!

Fail! Zomg! Fail! Fail! The NFL is doooooooooooooooooooooooooooomed.

Um, not quite.

So the NFL just released some rules regarding players tweeting during the season. No during the game. No 90 minutes before the game. No 90 minutes after the game.

Sounds reasonable to me! Hey you have a game to prepare for. A game to play. And why don’t you wait an hour and a half after to listen to the coaches. mmmmmmmmmmmmkay?

The social media elite are already yelling fail. But guess what? Something tells me the NFL will survive.

ENOUGH with fail. ENOUGH with putting so much importance on Twitter.



2 thoughts on “NFL Won’t Allow Twittering, ZOMG!!!”

  1. I don't see the big deal in letting someone knock out an 140 character sentence. <– 80 Char in what, under 10 seconds? Its called the no fun league for a reason.

  2. Yeah, gee, no fun league. You think they'll go out of business anytime soon? I'm not a huge fan of all of their rules, but they must be doing something right.

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