My NFL Game Pass Experiment Off To A Bad Start

This year I decided to save some money and cut the cord a bit more and cancel my NFL Ticket subscription in favor of NFL Game Pass. My Sundays have been busy the last few years, so I had been watching my Bills most of the time on DVR a little later on in the day. I think last year their “NFL Rewind” would post regular season games after midnight. Game Pass appealed to me given they post the games at 8pm AND post the condensed versions–you can watch a full game in 30 minutes. Jackpot?

This test if off to a very rocky start. The first test was today’s preseason game.

1) When I signed up and paid my money, Roku was listed as a supported device. The Roku is my preferred device… The app was working fine up until a few days ago. Now I’m presented with a message that says they are working on improving it. No timetable to when it will work again. I also see it’s no longer listed as a supported device. Crummy of them to do that.

One device down.

2) The Game Pass content does not load on either my Android Tablet (Nexus 9) or my Android Phone (Turbo 2). It just get a spinning circle while nothing loads.

Three devices down.

3) While I can cast full replays to my Chromecast from my computer, there is no option to cast the condensed game (which is where I get my money’s worth). Instead the condensed games must be watched on the computer, which I don’t want to watch on. On the computer there is a console that launches. While you can put the console in full screen, you can’t full screen the video. Total crap.

4) Phone, Tablet, Desktop, Roku (when it was working), XBox. All have horrendous navigation.

I hope this is Games Passes preseason too, and they work the kinks out. I expected much more from a multi billion dollar company.

Rundown on devices I own:

  • Roku – Not working. Was advertised when I signed up, now not listed as a supported device. Tech support not giving any estimate.
  • Chromecast – Can’t cast from phone or tablet. Can only cast full replay from desktop.
  • Phone – Can replay games. Just can’t cast to Chromecast.
  • Tablet –┬áCan replay games. Just can’t cast to Chromecast.
  • XBox – Only device I have that’s fully functional.
  • Fire Stick – In case you were wondering, the NFL app is not available on the Fire Stick.