It’s all relative, W3D1 a breeze

On Saturday I ran W2D3 of C25K at close to the hottest time of day–1 pm. It was brutal. I knew it was extremely hot and humid, so I paced myself and finished fairly easily. But all in all it was not the best workout.

Tonight was in the low 80s. Still relatively humid, but the heat wasn’t beating down to boot.

Also I made double sure I was adequately hydrated. And I bought a headband. Sweat in the eyes and a thirty feeling distracted me on Saturday’s run.

Put this all together, and tonight’s W3D1 was pretty easy. Not the grind it was on Saturday. I’m not ultimately where I want to be, but the program is easy enough not to dread it. Rather I look forward to the next runs. I feel like I’m making some serious progress. Come Fall, I should be whipping around the track.



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