I’m skeptical about the power of Twitter for marketing

I know Twitter is the hot new thing right now. I’ve been a casual observer of it for about a month. There are plenty of success stories from companies like Zappos and JetBlue and many others. I think the success rate is dependant on the number of engaged Twitter users. I’m skeptical about it’s scalability.

Since it’s hot and new, Twitter hasn’t become unwieldy in size and its users are highly engaged. I think there are barriers to the adoption of it, which will prevent it from becoming mainstream like other forms of communication (like e-mail). And if I’m wrong about that, and it does become mainstream, it’ll be less manageable and less profitable than it appears to be today.

Soon rather than jumping for joy when DirecTV resolves the complaint you broadcast on Twitter, there will be too many other complaints (no offense DirecTV), or other queries for that matter, that will have to be prioritized and tabled like calls and e-mails are today—or completely ignored.

On the permission based side, I think there is value when a customer actively engages in your brand and you have the ability to reach out directly to them. But back to adoption. If Twitter is never widely adopted, how many customers will there be? If Twitter is widely adopted, messages will have to compete for attention like other channels today.

For now, I’ll remain a casual observer. Toes in the water. I’d be silly to write it off and ignore it at this point.



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