I broke some G1 News (RC33 Update)

No I didn’t get a chance to enjoy any minute of fame. But I’ll gladly brag that I broke news that the T-Mobile G1 aka Google phone put out an update–RC33.

I had noticed that my wife’s phone was getting an update last night. Could it be the long awaited “cupcake” I asked myself. After firing it up afterwards, there was nothing different to write home about.

So I posted to the t-mobile forum. Barely legible since I was posting from the phone. The forum acts up when posting from the phone.

I guess the whole cupcake rumor/no rumor thing has everyone skeptical, because readers demanded a screen shot. After about 5 attempts at a non-blurry shot, I posted this:

Here is where I broke the news:

See some people REFUSE to believe it, even after I posted a screen shot.

Here a Google related blog didn’t believe it at first:



2 thoughts on “I broke some G1 News (RC33 Update)”

  1. Thanks for calling me out on this one 😉

    There were so many BOGUS OTA update claims this year that the Chicken Little complex set in.

    Congrats on your wife getting the update…more and more is coming out whats in it, could you confirm?

    Latest is that you can now label comments in the Android Market as SPAM.

    ,Michael Martin
    Google And Blog

  2. I’ve confirmed these:
    Voice Search
    Save attachment in MMS
    Check for updates.

    Also found these:
    Can tag comments as spam in the marketplace.
    Installed apps in the marketplace will say “update available” if there is an update. I still like atrackdog better though.

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