Google, please fix iCal fetching

I alluded to this in my Getting Things Done post. I’m a productivity nut and I like simple easy solutions.

I was on the hunt for a long time for a task / to do list system that fits the following criteria:

  • it’s incredibly easy to use
  • can be accessed from anywhere at anytime (well anywhere with a web connection)
  • is multi platform
  • is always in sync

Well I finally uncovered the ultimate system for me. It combines Google Calendar, Remember The Milk, and my G1 phone. Quite simply, I can add tasks in Remember the Milk from the web or through e-mail. Then using the iCal link to RTM, the tasks then are posted on Google Calendar, and show up on Google Calendar’s daily/weekly/monthly agenda. The G1 daily agenda view is killer. RTM also has a iGoogle widget. So I can:

  • Add tasks through e-mail, on RTM’s web interface (either on my pc or on G1’s browser), or through iGoogle.
  • The to do list can be viewed on my Google Calendar on the Google Calendar’s web interface, on the iGoogle widget, and on the G1 app.

Simply amazing. I know, I know, it won’t save the world, but it can make my life easier.

One HUGE problem though!!! For some reason Google Calendar isn’t fetching the latest iCal feed on any sort of a regular basis. Damn, damn, damn. It had been about an hour out of sync, which I can kinda sorta deal with, but now it’s been almost 2 days. Without reliable and frequent syncing, all of my excitement is now flushed down the crapper.

I see I’m not alone. Google’s help groups have a lot of threads posted about this issue, including 2 from me.

Come on Google, FIX THIS PLEASE!



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