Google Freakin’ Blogs I’m Following

So much for a streak of likes.

I love Goggle Reader. So every single blog I want to keep up with is in there.

So, Goggle has 2 other services, one from Blogger lets you “follow” a blog, the other Google Friend Connect lets you add your profile to your favorite sites’ page (as long as they accept Friend Connect).

Sometimes Google’s user experience just plain sucks. 1) For not giving you any option. 2) For being pretty stupid to begin with.

So now, I have many of the sites I’ve already subscribe to (via rss) showing up twice in Google Reader. That’s because some genius at Google thinks it’s nice to automatically add them again (since I decided to follow or friend connect) under another folder in Reader.

Sucks when I see 150 unread, when in fact it’s counting many of them twice. What a cluster-F. LEAVE IT ALONE GOOGLE!

I swear some of the annoying things Google puts into place (like gmail’s rotten contact management decisions) leads me to believe the decision makers don’t use their own service to understand how frustrating these things can be. I don’t believe for a second they eat their own dog food.

So I’ll say so long to Friend Connect (it’s a weak attemp at social media anyway–one I predict will be killed off ala notes and my shared stuff) and I’ll go and “unfollow” all the blogs I’m following just to clean up this garbage.



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