Good News, I’m Using Buzz. Bad News, It’s a Complete Mess

Don’t knock it until you try it. Right?

So I learned a week ago how to “hide” people I follow in Buzz from my Google Reader, which up until that point was the reason I refused to use Buzz.

A week in, there are more frustrations. It’s a huge mess.

First, manually hiding in Reader everyone I follow in Buzz is a nuisance. It’s necessary because otherwise, Buzz and Reader are duplicates and the noise is maddening.

Today I learned that all of my shared Reader items that got posted to Buzz had commenting turned off. That’s because you have to manually allow others to comment. You have to allow each and every person you follow in Buzz to this list. Ok, my first issue with Buzz is a preference (sort of, although it should be an OPTION). But this issue is a flaw. Major flaw. I won’t maintain this. Too much work. Instead there needs to be a “allow anyone to comment” option.

I apologize to everyone who can’t comment on my wonderful Reader shared items. Please mail your complaints to:
Matt Soreco
c/o Google Buzz Complaint Team
Mountain View, CA

My other frustrations:

  • When I’m typing a reply, sometimes the window is bumped down as I’m typing. I assume it’s because something new above was added.
  • The (new) count is useless. It’s hard to distinguish what’s new once you click on it.
  • I can’t figure out the @ reply feature. This might be user error. 🙂 Although I see others having the same difficulties.
  • All of the people I follow in Buzz are now in my contacts. Which is ok, but now my Android phone contact list is out of control. I know you can filter by contact with phone number, but you can’t by contacts with phone number and/or e-mail address (which is what I want).
  • I hate that it’s tied to Gmail. I hate that my sent items becomes cluttered with Buzz stuff.

The list is growing. I wrote about Resistance and Productivity before. I see Buzz as having a lot of nuisances that cause resistance. For me, these have to get worked out. I’ll bail. Like I did on other Google social media efforts.



2 thoughts on “Good News, I’m Using Buzz. Bad News, It’s a Complete Mess”

  1. Hey Matt,

    I found your blog on Buzz and it's pretty neat. I agree with some of your comments about how Buzz works and I think we are both following @LouisGray.

    FYI – You might get more comments on your blog if you install Intense Debate commenting system. Nobody likes the CAPTCHA!

    I don't mind it because I have a Blogger blog too but since I added ID things are much nicer for my readers.

    I'll see you on Buzz (or Twitter).

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