G1 Review Redux – Month 1 Review

Last I wrote on the G1, I was a week in. Now I’m over a month in, so some of my first opinions have changed.

As I mentioned in my first post, the G1 was my first venture into any sort of smart phone / pda, so I don’t know how other devices compare.

I still love the device. It’s incredibly easy to use and navigate. I have a strong pet peeve with usability issues, and so far I haven’t been agitated by the G1.

I haven’t reversed my opinion on anything other than the camera. I last said it was ok. Well it’s flat out terrible. I’ve yet to take a non-blurry picture. And the autofocus makes taking a quick shot up to 5-6 seconds to take. I’m no photo-taking expert, but something’s wrong here. Judging by complaints on the web, I’m not alone. I have a digital camera, and I know how to snap a pic. I’m not looking for great pics, just fast and non blurry ones will do.

Also, I’ve found some bugs. I’ve tried to post them here and there. Google and/or T-Mobile should really have a central spot to submit bugs. Anyway here are some:

  • The gmail app has a tendency to open up the last conversation (even deleted e-mails) rather than going straight to the inbox. When this happens, sometimes the new e-mail notification does not pop up. It kind of stinks to keep having to open up the gmail app instead of trusting the notification.
  • The google calendar app crashes if you try to make changes to a recurring event.

Ok, not many bugs uncovered on my end. Still love it overall. Still hate that you can’t write to google notes, docs, or speadsheets.



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