G1 Bugs

Why bore my vast audience with posts like this? Well because I don’t have a vast audience and because I like to use some blog posts to keep notes and refer back to them for reference. Maybe someone will notice. Maybe one of my three monthly unique visitors subtracting the two who accidentally stumble across it is a bigwig over at Google.

There are some pretty annoying bugs on the G1. Showstoppers, no. But they bug me.

  1. When opening Gmail through the app, often times it opens up to a conversation that was deleted and purged days ago. I’m not sure why this happens.
  2. Sometimes too, when the above happens, I don’t get notifications of new e-mails that come in.
  3. Think about calling into somewhere with voice prompts, like any customer service line. When you call and put the phone on speaker, there is no way to keep the screen from timing out quickly. So when you have to wait to “hit 9 for other,” you have to hit menu twice and pop open the number pad quickly to do it. For some reason it goes blank in a few seconds. There should be a way to “lock” it open when on speaker or when using a hands free device. I’ve fumbled with this too many times, with the delay forcing me deeper into CS VoicePrompt Hell.
  4. There is no way to edit recurring events in Calendar without crashing the whole calendar. You have to go to a separate browser to edit recurring events. And if you try, you have to clear out all the stored calendar data and resync to get it working again.
  5. Since it’s Google’s own app, I’ll include it here. The Scoreboard app is always late with scores and never notifies me of anything until I go in and hit refresh in the app. Even after all of the recent app updates. The point is to pick your favorite teams, and have a notification after each score. I don’t need or want to constantly open the program and hit refresh each time. Plus the scores are always way way way behind the live score. It’s quicker and easier just to go to espn.com or something.
  6. Even after RC33, the camera continues to blow. A few posters on the t-mobile forums reported an improvement, but I haven’t. It takes a good 5 seconds from the time you hit the button until the pic is taken, resulting in a blurry mess unless you are taking a pic of something completely still (e.g. not my 9 month old son).
  7. Battery life! I’m throwing this down as a bug because the battery life isn’t too too too much of an issue with me as the inconsistency of it is. Sometimes I can get through a day of moderate to heavy use. Sometimes the battery just sucks itself dry in a few hours. I can’t figure out why. The peanut galleries on the many message boards are no help either. Actually they do more harm than good IMO with their harebrained advice. At least I found that a reboot of the phone seems to help this.
  8. GPS is sometimes unreliable too. And just to make it clear, since my wife has a G1 too, I’m able to test things side by side. So I’m judging these things side by side under the same conditions. Just last week, my wife’s G1 was able to hone right in on a location, while mine kept getting stuck with the big blue radius. Mine seems to have worked itself out since, but it’s a mystery to me why this happens sometimes. Again the peanut gallery message boards are no help whatsoever.
  9. Voice Search is an abomination. It has yet to even come close to what I say. It’s such a waste that I’ll never ever use it again.

Otherwise I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I think those things are relatively minor in my grand scheme of rating the phone on the whole.

This brings me to why I resent the message boards so much. Hence the peanut gallery comments above. I should have known this kind of dynamic would exist since I post to sports message boards. Well maybe not since I didn’t think there would be hardcore “fans” of the phone. On the boards, you are either a hater, or a lover and nothing in between. Nothing annoys me more than response from the lovers who say “then get a iPhone if you don’t like the G1” or “you should have expected this with a first generation phone” whenever anyone posts the tiniest complaint or concern. With the “lovers’” attitudes, you’d think the phone is perfect and in no need for any improvements whatsoever. See more about this in my Tech Fanboys, Workarounds, and Lay Users post.



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