G1 and Google Wish List

Now that I have the phone for 3 months, here is my updated wish list for both the phone and other Google products I use (or want to use) on the phone. Funny how I broke the RC33 update news to the G1 world at large, yet I’m still waiting for my RC33 update. How cruel is that?

Anyway, here are some things I wish my G1 could do. I’ll categorize these as no-brainers and seem like they are doable and ones that might not be doable (just my own non-technical opinion).

  1. Save attachments (txt, doc, exl, pdf) from Gmail. Or from links on the web. At least with RC33, you can now save from MMS. But why not from Gmail or the web?
  2. Read those said attachments. Or better yet edit them too. A nice doc viewer and/or editor. Hopefully this will come in the form of an app soon.
  3. Allow for create/write/edit access to Google Docs. This one blows me away.
  4. Whether this resides on the phone on in Gmail, there needs to be a better contact manager to find dupes, merge contacts, etc.
  5. Integration of Google Bookmarks. I HATE saving multiple versions of bookmarks. I like to have everything in one place, all synced, and seamless. This goes for Chrome too.
  6. Fix to Calendar where you can edit recurring events.  Right now, you have to edit recurring events in the browser. The app crashes…
  7. Let the mobile version of Picasa see more than 100 images. Right now, you can only see the first 100 images per album.
  8. This is not so much the G1, but Google and Google Calendar. Fix iCal fetching already. I’ve been following the bug for months and months. If fixed, it can show an iCal synced calendar nice and seamlessly in the Calendar app.
  9. Integrate Tasks with Google Calendar, not just Gmail. Again for seamless integration.

Here are other items I wish for, which I don’t know if they are doable or not.

  1. Better camera software. I’ve yet to take a non-blurry pic.
  2. Better battery life. Oh heavy use days, I need to recharge this thing a few times. I have to carry a charger, plus keep one in the car, at all times.
  3. A gotomypc like app. So I can access files on my pc from the phone.

Come on Google, get these done!



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