Fuzzy LIPA Math?

I’m going to try to write up a whole other post about the accuracy of information during a crisis and how much more critical even seemingly non-important information becomes when there is growing frustration, panic, etc.

I had been defending LIPA’s efforts up until yesterday. Well for one my power was restored in 24 hours, so who am I to complain? But two, I understand that a disaster is a disaster and a disaster needs time to recover from.

But more and more I started to sympathize with my fellow Long Islanders who aren’t as lucky as I am. And I can’t help but put myself in their shoes. And get frustrated at the lack of credible information.

First, it’s not an exaggeration that the absence of trucks is very noticeable. While I understand that “the repairs may be done at a location far from the outage,” Long Island, or to narrow it down a little more, Nassau County isn’t huge. Trucks have to be SOMEWHERE. Especially when you say there are thousands of them at work. WHERE!? I’ve seen more gas tankers than utility trucks–more to that in another post too!

That got me interested in their numbers. While nearly 200,000 are still without power, LIPA’s site is reporting 8,168 outages. Makes sense. An average of 24 people out of power due to one outage. Ok.

What makes no sense whatsoever, is their reported workforce. They report on their site that they have 4,374 linemen and 3,779 tree trimmers.

Listen. I really try to avoid oversimplifying things. I know there is always more to it.

So I asked LIPA on twitter… How many workers are needed to repair an outage (on average)? And how long does an outage take to repair (on average)?

’cause that 200,000 number hasn’t come down in a few days. I haven’t been tracking the “outages” as closely but they have to be tied together, right?

I’m not sure what kind of reply I’ll get. But until they can answer those accurately and  honestly, no one is going to believe they have that size workforce in action.

And while I’m ranting… Cuomo should be asking these questions publicly instead of acting hysterically. That goes for the newspapers too! HAVE LIPA DO THE MATH! Can also help LIPA too, by the way, if they can show the public.