Favorite G1 Apps

I get a kick out of ratings and comments in the Android Market. It’s funny how people’s perceptions differ when ranking apps. For me, I rank it based on how well it does what it says. I don’t rank on the wow factor. Quite frankly, none of the apps have really wowed me. But some come in handy. Now I’m talking about apps in the Android Market, not the ones that come preprogrammed on the G1–they are:

The Weather Channel – Quickly gives me the weather in my location (programmed in home Zip code or with GPS setting) with right now, hourly, 36 hour, and 10 day forecasts. Nice clean display.
Toggle Settings – Lets me quickly see and toggle on and off setting I’m not using (gps, wifi, silent mode, etc). Good for preserving battery charge and for changing ring tone mode for work, movies, etc. Also good for not having to navigate through the phone setting to make these changes.
QSearch – Turns the screen into a touchpad to run google searches without having to type on the keypad. It also changes to landscape when you rotate the phone. I’d rather not have to flip open the keypad to do quick Google searches.
Quickpedia – Basically wikipedia reformatted for the screensize.
BistroMath – Nice tip calculator. Great when splitting a check.
imeem – Streaming music based on favorites. I like it so far, I just need to play with it more and add more favorites.
Pictorial – Nice integration with Picasa, where I have a lot of my pics.
Pro Football Live – Gives updated football scores and stats. This would be more useful if I was away from the games on Sundays.
Yellowbook – Search listings based on GPS location, then one touch to call or plot on map. This comes in handy when looking for services in the area.

I give the following a “meh:”
AK Notepad – A simple notepad.
Voice Recorder – A voice recorder, which can then be saved and/or e-mailed.

These have potential:
Gmote – Lets me access and play media files on my PC through the G1 through my wireless connection at home. Essentially turning the G1 into a remote control for the media on the PC. The UI stinks, but I see potential here.
StreamFurious – Can play streaming media from content providers. It’s great, but the station selection is very limited.

I see these have rave reviews. I’ve installed them, but haven’t kicked the tires yet:
ShopSavvy – Lets you scan a barcode of a product, then gives you comparitive pricing in the area.
Shazam – Identifies music playing, then lets you tag it, buy it, and look up artist.

Stay tuned. For my next post, I’m putting together a wishlist.



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