Cuomo, it’s the supply, not the demand. Get it?

Watch out. I’m on a roll. I kinda, sorta called out Cuomo in my last LIPA post. For acting hysterically towards LIPA instead of being a leader. He’s been horrendous throughout all of this.

This gas shortage… Cuomo, it’s NOT the demand. It’s the SUPPLY! You can’t convince me that panicking and topping off 3/4 full cars has caused station after station after station to run completely dry. Like you say.

Sure that would cause some longer lines, but not suck the entire island out of gas.

See this map?

Red pins = zero gas. Been that way for days. The long lines are due to so few stations with a supply. Only 60% of stations are open.

What I want to know is why? Were restrictions lifted to get gas in here or not? Ethanol?  Was the red tape really cut? Where are all these tankers of gas you talked of? Where is that gas going? Not all in 3/4 filled cars I tell you.

Sorry, the increased demand is due to the extremely limited supply, not the other way around. We are not all idiots.

We deserve the truth. Are you scared of telling the truth and having people panic? Or would you rather people think you are lying and having them panic? Same result.

Oh, and a special shout out to, who has been tremendous in helping people find needed gas.

Update 11/8/12:
Confirmed. It’s a supply issue. See Cuomo, you liar.