Google Bookmarks Update

Twice I wrote about the untapped potential of Google Bookmarks, and the limitations:

For the longest time, it seemed to have been built but left dormant. I love it, but wished they’d develop it more.

They updated the service today. Now you can create lists and share them.

It seems they worked on the social angle. I still want them to work on the ubiquity angle. I want my Chrome bookmarks, Android browser bookmarks, and Google bookmarks all to be the same. I want to be able to add a bookmark via e-mail, text, or Android app. How’s about it?

At least I know they haven’t forgotten about Bookmarks. I can continue dreaming.

Bookmark Site I’d Like to See

I use both delicious and Google Bookmarks. Both are ok, but both also have their limitations. Not so much for capturing and saving bookmarks, but for giving you access to them. It hit me when I saw All My Faves that delicious or Google Bookmarks (or any other for that matter) should let you customize a page and lay out your bookmarks the way you want. Perhaps even giving your “public” or “shared” bookmarks a public url.