C25K – Week 3 Done

This morning’s run was pretty non-eventful. Not the best, but not the worst either. I’m happy with my progress at this stage. I ran without the shin sleeves this time. No shin splints or shin pain. I don’t like relying on things like that for long. I’m glad I’m over that. I think they altered my step a little, and I didn’t want to create other problems I didn’t have before. I did get a little sore on the inside of one of my ankles (might be due to the first run without the shin sleeves). I had a similar pain last year that worked itself out. Hopefully the same is true this time.

I’m glad I’m making my way through this quickly. I’ve run every other day so far. I want to keep  it up. Last year I made it true weeks (with one 2-day rest a week), plus had some setbacks. That prolonged the program a bit. Hopefully there are no setbacks this year {knock on wood}.



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