C25K – W9D3 Done, wait not so fast

I’m not sure what’s the matter with me. Yesterday I woke up for my morning run, only to get up then go back to sleep (first time that’s happened). Today, after a much better night’s sleep, I hit the road again. Only this time, I didn’t finish the last C25K run (first time this year that’s happened too). I wasn’t into it from the start. Then I felt blisters starting to form on my feet. I tried to wear my new sneakers again, which were¬†comfortable, but I think the socks were the culprit. I need to buy more of the blister preventing double layered socks. I did make it 2.5 miles in 25 minutes, but I had enough at that point. Again I ran the first mile in 9 minutes. I really hit a brick wall and started to slow down shortly after. Usually I make it further. The blisters and just an overall lack of desire made me cut this one short.

Possible reasons:
1) I don’t think I’ve been as good at staying hydrated the last week or so than I have been so far.
2) I’ve gotten ok sleep, but not as much as I had been before the last week.
3) I ate really spicy food a few times this week, which made my stomach feel weird during the run.

I’m going to correct all three of these (and wear better socks)¬†then re-attempt the final run on Tuesday. Sunday is going to be another sprinting day.



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