C25K – W9D2. Really Day 2 Done

After I abandoned my run yesterday at .5 miles due to dressing too warm, I hit the track again today for day 2 of the last week of couch to 5k.

I hit a new milestone. I made it the entire 3 miles. I finished in 30:20. I’m very happy.

Although my goal is to do this in 30 minutes, which I came very close, I want it to be almost effortless. I’m still not there. I made it well past my previous roadblock of 1.5 miles (where I’ve been hitting a brick wall on my runs). This time I made it a good 2.25 miles before I started to slow down. The last .25 mile was brutal. Still, most of the way I was battling some cramps/sidestitches. Don’t know what they are exactly, but I get one on my front mid left ribcage and one lower down on my back. They are not terribly painful, but they are a distraction.

I was well digested. I was well hydrated. I was well rested. It was cool and dry out. And I was well dressed. So at this point I know it’s my cardio fitness (and nothing else) that’s holding me back. And the 10-15 pounds that I still want to shave off. That said, I’m very happy with my progress.



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