C25K -W9D2 Done

It was extremely humid this morning. It must have rained shortly before I hit the streets, because they were still wet. I felt the humidity from the water evaporating from the ground for the entire jog. I think I sweat more┬átoday than I have so far the last 2 years jogging. That said, this morning’s jog was pretty good. I had the CardioTrainer app on again. This time I rebooted the phone and shut down all other running processes before starting it up. I’ve had trouble with its accuracy lately–especially the first few minutes. This time I think only first minute was a little off (there is no way I ran 290 yards in the 1st minute), but it fixed itself soon thereafter.

I ran the first mile again in about 9 minutes. I slowed down a little during the second mile, completing it in just over 10 minutes. The last mile was tougher, although don’t think I started to really slow down until the last half mile. I finished the last mile in 10:46. The average pace of it all was just 2 seconds over 10 minutes per mile for the 3+ miles. Not too shabby despite the humidity. Much better than the last run. I’d like my “last” C25K run to be done in under 30 minutes.

I was still a little sore from Sunday’s sprinting, but I don’t think it slowed be down. I didn’t get the rubbery leg feeling that I had been getting the last few runs. Hopefully with more weekend day sprinting, my leg strength, speed, and pace will all improve.



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