C25K W9D1 Done

Besides the stomach virus setback that kept me off the road for 4 days, I’ve kept up running every other day throughout the C25K program. That cut the entire program short by a little more than a week.

My CardioTrainier app went haywire again this morning. So it might not be related to interference from Google Latitude, like I originally thought. I don’t know what it is.

I downloaded MyTracks from Google to see if it was more accurate than CardioTrainer. I gave it a test drive during my 5 minute walk warmup. I didn’t like the voice prompt as it was hard to understand the voice. Also, it gave the pace in miles per hour instead of minutes per mile (I could not do the math in my head that early in the morning). So a real test of this as a more accurate alternative to CardioTrainer will have to wait for another time.

Luckily I do know approximate quarter mile marks on the street/loop I run on. I brought a stopwatch too, anticipating hiccups with either CardioTrainer, MyTracks, or both.

Soooooooo. I ran the first mile in 9 minutes flat. Right after the mile mark there is a slight but long incline that’s about a quarter miles long. After the incline, I got tired and slowed down. Not so much my wind, but my legs. They got rubbery.

I decided to finish out the 3 miles instead of cutting the run at 30 minutes. I made it 3 miles in 32 minutes (10:40 pace). Bummer, but still better at this point to where I was last year.

This Sunday, I will break the every other day C25K routine in favor of getting to the track for sprinting and beginning an interval training program. I think this might help get back some strength in my legs and hopefully address my rubbery leg feeling.

I haven’t posted a weight update yet. I’ve been eating real well the last 2 months. I’ve been staying hydrated too. I haven’t restricted calories too much, although simply eating well takes care of getting the right amount of calories per day as I should be getting. According to the Wii Fit, which I’ve been using to keep track of my weight, I’ve lost 12 pounds since June 16. That’s over a pound and a half per week. I think that’s a healthy and steady number.

I still want to lose 25 more pounds (patience is a virtue). At this rate, I should reach my goal in 4 more months. The beauty is the more I become fit, the more I burn since the workouts are more efficient. Lets see where I am in December.



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