C25K – W9D…

Today was supposed to be day 2. Bad weather pushed this one back.

I bought a new Under Armour jacket for jogging. One that can keep me warm but not overheat me. I took it for a spin today, but guess what? It was a lot warmer out than I expected. Not only the jacket, but the long jogging pants I was wearing were much too hot. I should have been in short sleeves and shorts. So at .5 miles I decided just to cut the run off. I’ll do the true workout tomorrow. It’s supposed to be cooler and less humid tomorrow.

I did start my resistance training on Thursday. The 100 pushup training plan and some biceps and triceps with my Bodylastics bands. I am still pretty sore. I have to get in shoulders, back and abs.

I decided on these splits with resistance training:
– Bicep, Tricep, Chest
– Shoulders, Back
– Legs, Abs

With cardio/jogging in between.

I ordered P90X. I just went ahead and ordered the entire set. I really only wanted the cardio, yoga, stretching, and plyometrics, but I’ll take the Kempo, abs too. Plus besides the chin-up exercises, I’m covered on the rest of the movements with my Bodylastics bands. The chin-up bar is a no can do as no doorway is in a good spot to work out. Oh well. I’ll make do with what I can. It fits my new motto, “it’s all a lot better than nothing.”



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  1. Remember you are much warmer running than you are standing. I find cutting down on the wind is all I need to handle for running. As long as I warm up properly I can run in shorts and a long sleeve (wicking) shirt down to freezing temps

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