C25K – W8D3

After another prolonged break between my last run and this one, I finally got back to the track yesterday to finish out week 8. I had forgotten that this was the third run of the “week.” This time the delays were due to some lousy weather and a short weekend vacation. I can’t believe that I’m now on the final week.

I wanted to use the CardioTrainer app to track my time and distance even though I was on the track this time. So again, the first 30-40 seconds were spent fumbling around with the phone before the real jogging began. That said, the app recording said I ran 2.84 miles in a little over 30 minutes (10 minute, 38 second per mile pace). I wanted to complete out the entire 2.75 miles rather than calling it quits at 28 minutes. My pace was a one second improvement from my last one. Again, I hit a brick wall at 1.5 miles.

The weather was horrible. It was cold, windy, and there was a misty rain. I contemplated backing out when I got to the track, but then decided to just get it done.

This time I started out way too fast. The app’s first alert read off a little over 8 minute a mile pace. I tried to slow, but for a while I was still running faster than the target of 10 minutes per mile. For my next runs, I’m going to exaggerate a slower pace for the first 10 minutes. I want to see if that helps.

The final week is simple–30 minutes or 3 miles. I’m going to map out a true 3 mile start and finish on the street, but stick to 30 minutes only. And I’ll keep at it until I make the desired distance. This way I can rely less on the app for constant pace feedback and just concentrate on my running form more.

The weather is supposed to be better this week, so hopefully I can stick to every other day this week.



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