C25K – W8D2 Done

I finished day 2 of week 8 today. I’m really not sure of my pace as something tripped up the CardioTrainer app. At times it was reporting a pace that was much faster than I knew I was going. And I know for sure the distance was off too as I’m pretty familiar with the street I run around now. I estimate I went the 2.75 miles in the 28 minutes. If it was earlier on in the program this would have bothered me more. But I have a good sense where I stand so far. This little glitch solidified my desire to spend one day a week at the track to work on sprints and fast intervals. I might also dust off the P90X DVDs and do some of the plyometics, yoga, abs, and cardio. I’m thinking of reducing the distance runs to just 2 times a week. Then add sprinting once or twice a week, and P90X the other remaining days. Decisions, decisions.



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