C25K – W8D1

Well, well, well. Here I am. At the 2nd to last week. Finally. It’s been fun getting back in shape. The program has proved to me to be a very manageable way to get back in good cardio shape.

Week 8 is another simple week. 2.75 miles or 28 minutes.

Since the high school tracks close at “dark” here and I’d be technically trespassing if I ran at night, I decided to hit the streets again. I’m not sure if they enforce the rule, but I don’t want to find out the hard way if they do. They also open at 8am, too late in the morning for me to get a run in before work.

The street that’s off my street runs in a complete circle. According to Google Maps, point to point is 1.3 miles. 2 laps is 2.6 miles (duh). I wish Google Maps had a better way to get distances. I had to fudge fake directions just to figure out the distance of this one street. I guesstimated where the 2.75 mile mark would be.

I ran the complete 28 minutes and felt great most of the way. I figure I made it almost 2.75 miles, but I don’t know for sure. I’m happy with this first attempt though. I’ll get back to the track on a weekend day to close out the 8th week and I’ll know for sure how I measure up.

I also downloaded a new app for my G1. CardioTrainer from WorkSmart Labs. It’s fancy. It tracks your route with GPS and records your time and distance, pace, etc. It’s supposed to give you audible alerts at distance intervals you decide, but that didn’t work for me. I had it set to give me an update every .1 miles. It did for the first .1 mile, but that was it. I was looking forward to relying on this to keep a close eye on my pace since the street is harder to gauge distance than a track. Oh well. It does keep a nice log though, which is pretty cool. The app is free, but I’d gladly lay down some coin if it would 1) actually give the audible updates and 2) have a warmup or start countdown period with an audible alarm to start to jog. You see I have to fumble around for a good 30 or so seconds getting phone properly in sleep mode and then get the phone in my waist strap with enough slack for my earphones. This is good time wasted and messes up the entire workout log since it measures pace. I’d like adequate warmup time to get all of these kinds of things sorted out before real jog time kicks in.

The C25K app was a huge help in the earlier circuits, but really not needed in the latter runs as they are simply one long jog each. A simple stopwatch is better for the purpose of keeping track of time.

Now I have to look for an actual 5K run to enter!



2 thoughts on “C25K – W8D1”

  1. Reading through your blog, I found the same to be true for me, when I reached the long runs, the C25K app wasn't as useful anymore. So I was looking for another app that would do that for me, basically a talking timer. But all the ones out there kind of sucked.

    So I wrote another app ("The Egg") that's exactly that. Now during my runs I have it set to either 5 minute or 2:30 minute intervals (depending on how much motivation I need) and it gets me through the run 🙂

  2. I'll check it out. It sounds helpful for track runs.

    The cardio trainer is nice too. Especially to keep track of pace and distance when running on a street or trails.

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