C25K – W7D3 Back on Track

Well the stomach virus was out of my system and I got back out there this morning. I had another kinda sorta setback this morning. Last year it took me a while to avoid distractions such as thirst, burping, etc. This year so far has been golden, except for this morning. I went to the diner last night. I ate ok, but it’s not a good idea to have a salad with onions 12 hours before a run. For me anyway. So most of my jog was spent burping. Not fun. I was still able to go just about 2.5 miles in just under 25 minutes. I just had to cut the run 20 seconds short because I had enough. I did run at an exact 10:00 pace despite my condition.

I was glad I stuck it out. There were a few times I wanted to bail, but I didn’t. Plus the time/pace wasn’t bad at all.

This run will serve once again as a reminder about avoiding distractions. No more onions for me. Now it’s on to week 8. A 28 minute run awaits me on Saturday.



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