C25K – W7D1 in the books

I had another good run today. Not as good as the last one, but still good at this stage. I ran 2.55 miles in the 25 minutes (9:53 pace). I tried to start off a little slower to not burn myself out so much. I find this strategy tough to figure out. It seems no matter the pace, I still start to slow down at the same point (today at the 18 minute mark). It’s almost better to start off faster. I think I came to this realization last year too. I think I have to run more naturally instead of concentrating on the pace so much. I’m sure the pace will work itself out. I’d like to make it a full 3 miles without any slowing down. Once through with the C25K program (I can’t believe I have less than 3 more weeks to go), I’m going to push the distance out some more. I’ll also work in some sprinting/HIIT as I’d like to get back some athleticism lost throughout the years.



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