C25K – W5D3 first challenge done

I ran the first non-interval run of the couch to 5K program this morning. It called for a 20 minute (or 2 mile) run. It was good to change gears a little and focus on my pace in addition to the time.

I had the CardioTrainer app at the ready. I wrote the developers last year and gave them a suggestion for a countdown timer so that there is enough time to get the app started and get the phone put away before the actual timing starts. I was happy to see that this feature was put into one of the last updates–and that actual pace time wasn’t taken up while getting my phone secured before the run.

I completed the run at a 9:50 pace (going 2.09 miles in 20 minutes). I’m very happy with that. I didn’t really start to slow down until the 17 minute mark. It was very humid out, so that had to play a role. Otherwise it was a very good run. I felt the pace, and it was the same pace I had been running at, so I can look back and┬áconfidently┬ásay that I’m ahead of what the program is expecting. I did maintain some of my cardio fitness after the 6 month layoff.

Only 2 more interval runs to go, then it’s straight time.



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